Product Team as a Service

Do you have too big todo list for your inhouse team to keep up?
Need a team to back you up while growing your business or completely replace your backend team?
We will allocate a team for you that covers the different roles of a product team. Hire Lifeisgoodlabs team per hour.

What we are good at

We have plenty of experience in building complete solutions for our customers,
but here are the main ones.

Understand customer problem

Our first step always is to understand problem of customer and how we can solve it with our skills. We always propose several ways of solving the issue with as much details as we can.

Backend development

Our team is full of backend ninjas(mostly python and php) with deep understanding of modern web application development, API creation and microservices. All modern development tools are in our tool case.


To speed up process and make it issues-free – we do as much automation as we could.  This applies to testing and deploying the code too. Continuous integration services, automated deploy to AWS and Docker cloud, performance and issues monitoring.

Performance tuning

Automatic scaling of your services to hundreds thousands of visitors, performance monitoring and rock solid secure configuration of your server infrastructure will make you sleep well even during peek days of the year.

Contact Us

Address: Pae 25-47, Tallinn, Estonia
Phone: +372 59069860